Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Cost Per Acquisition Definition Cost per acquisition (CPA) is an online advertising pricing model where an advertiser pays for a specified acquisition – an acquisition could be a sale, a click, an event, a form submission (e.g. newsletter sign-up, registration, making contact etc.) CPA is – in my opinion – the most important metric in a PPC campaign – […]

Clear Design Website Redesign

Project Scope Clear Design is the leading fabricator of Acrylic Products in Southern Africa. They manufacture over 1000 Acrylic Products catering to businesses looking for custom acrylic products, branding opportunities and an eco-friendly solution. Clear Design has been a long-standing client of mine. I had started implementing SEO on their website a couple of years […]

Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is vital in your digital marketing and branding efforts. It requires just as much thought and consideration as choosing your business name. The best domain names are generally shorter and include a keyword related to your service. If you have an already established brand, this isn’t as important and I would […]

Google My Business

Signing up for a GMB profile is easy, follow the steps found here: – Once you have signed up you will need to verify your GMB profile. How to Verify Your GMB profile After Creating your GMB profile, you will be prompted to verify your listing via a verification code Google provides. There are […]

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