Why choose Google Ads

Ensure you’re at the top

With many campaign settings and bidding options, companies using Google Ads can achieve results with varying budgets, high and low. 

For small businesses, you can start advertising as low as a couple of hundred Rand a month, but your results might not have the impact you desire. but you can do it. It leads the ad platform to be flexible for businesses of all shapes in all online ads needs. 

For large companies, the benefits multiply as you can enable scaling of ad spends profitably, and when compared to traditional advertising, Google Ads are cost-effective. 

Effective ad costs depend on: 

  • Ad Delivery / Timing
  • Audience Targeting
  • Competition
  • Bids
  • Ad Quality

Individual cost-per-clicks (CPC) vary across industries, niches, and user search intent widely. 

For example, if you’re in insurance, you will find that click costs will be high compared to less capital intensive industries. 

And search intent matters in costs: a keyword that leads to purchase will be higher than keywords that customers use at the beginning of their customer journeys. 

But even the most expensive keywords will have cheaper keyword opportunities within them, you just need to keep an eye out for them in the data or using the Keyword Planner. 

The key is to find keywords that perform the best according to your goals as cheaply as possible. Finding a balance with purchase intent and other stages in your sales funnel is a method of decreasing costs. 

Most companies advertising on Google will receive a return on their ad spend, which makes Google worth the money. Usually, what we see happening is that goals do not align with advertising, or bad optimisation is the leading cause for not receiving a return. 

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