Meet the team



Conversationalist, strategist & brand builder. I am deeply committed to helping businesses succeed in the ever-changing online world.

I do this by blending my client’s industry expertise with tailored digital strategies that resonate with their audiences. I believe honesty and transparency are at the core of long-lasting business relationships.

Perhaps we are a good fit? Feel free to reach out if you would like to see if there’s chemistry or simply to canvass the online state of affairs.

Matthew McDevitt

I’m a results-driven professional with a strong focus on Google Ads, PPC, and copywriting. I have gained valuable experience in the digital marketing field and client management, which has equipped me with the analytical skills, adaptability, and versatility needed for a diverse range of roles.

My approach to work is marked by an open, honest, and optimistic personality, which complements my technical expertise. I am dedicated to continual learning, personal growth, and making meaningful contributions in the dynamic modern business landscape.


I have a solid academic base and experience within the Marketing arena. I act as a de-facto Brand Manager and as a Digital Marketing Consultant to high-profile clients – establishing a clear, compelling identity, positioning the brand to sell, grow and attract leads and customers.

– 4.5 Years’ immersion in Marketing, Digital Marketing and Brand Management
– Recent achievements: increasing e-commerce revenue by 300% for a client
– Key skills: Digital Marketing, WordPress Websites, SEO, AdWords, Social Media
– BA Social Dynamics (Stell); Postgrad Diploma in Marketing (Stell)

Alex Battle

I am an insightful, positive and enthusiastic graduate with work experience in digital marketing and language teaching.

With an analytical mindset from my engineering degree, as well as my experience in marketing and client management, I bring a flexible skillset that is adaptable to a diverse range of positions requiring analysis, research, writing, communication and consulting.

My personality is open, honest and optimistic, which complements my technical skills. I am determined to learn, grow and make meaningful contributions in the modern world.