Goal Funnels in Google Analytics

What are Goal Funnels:

Goal Funnel in Google Analytics is a sequence of URLs on your website that defines the path you expect users to follow while completing one of your Goals.

For example: Say you have an e-commerce store. You would want to see in Google Analytics how visitors to your site navigate your website to complete a purchase.

Goal Funnel for a product puchased:

  1. Arrive at your website (starting point: https://myexample.com)
  2. Navigated to browse products (second step: https://myexample.com/shop
  3. Browse products in shop (third step: https://myexample.com/shop*)
  4. Added to cart and proceeded to checkout (fourth step: https://myexample.com/checkout/)
  5. Bought the product (fifth step: https://myexample.com/order-received/)

How to Set up a Goal Funnel:

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